At Mountain View, we have a true passion for teenagers.  We want to show teens that committing their lives to Jesus is the most awesome decision they will ever make.  Our goals are simple, we want to give teenagers an opportunity to have and build a vibrant relationship with God and His Word.  We also strive to help them have and build relationships with fellow believers.  Lastly, we stress the importance of having relationships with non-believers and sharing the love of Jesus with them on a daily basis.

We provide a place for students to learn, grow, and experience Jesus in a real and fresh way.  We work hard to make everything we do inviting, fun, and valuable.  We strive to make our youth meetings impacting for those who are serious about following Jesus, relevant for those who are just learning what it means to be a Christian, and thought-provoking for those who aren't so sure about this God thing.


We believe that it is important to offer students relevant, Biblical teaching, but we also believe that creating a sub-culture of "teenage church" is unhealthy for the students, the church, and for the family.  Therefore, at MVCC we invite students to join their parents and friends for worship in "big church," and then be released during the sermon for their own time of Bible study with their peers and youth leaders.  

We split middle school and high school students into their own groups and teach consistently through books of the Bible.  We typically take one Sunday off a month in order for the students to be a part of the entire "big church" service.  We feel that in doing this, students will benefit greatly from getting to know the pastor, being part of the church as a whole, and building relationships with adults.

Meet us at the 10:30 am service!


When: Every Wednesday from 6:00-7:15pm

Where: At our Church Office at
                     1678-P S. Beavercreek Rd

What to Expect: Each Wednesday night is packed with fun, food, friends, relevant teaching, and opportunities to grow spiritually.



My life is youth ministry.  I’ve been working with teenagers for the past 15 years.  Shepherding teens and seeing them grow in Christ is one the greatest joys in my life.  I’ve been at MVCC since day one.  I love Jesus, our church, my youth staff, and my job.  


The teens of this community mean the world to us and we love more than anything to see them come to know the Lord while having some fun on the journey.  Above all my goal in this life is to love others as I have been loved by my heavenly father.


I love Jesus and I love seeing students grow in their relationship with him. I grew up at MVCC and have been helping with the youth group since 2009.  I’m here to do anything I can to make that happen.  Youth ministry is an amazing thing!