What is grow track?

Grow Track is a series of four classes for anyone interested in taking the next step in their journey with God. Whether you want to learn how to grow in your faith or get connected in the church through volunteering, Grow Track will help you discover your God-given purpose and equip you to make a difference in your community and the world!


Class 1: Believe - Growing in God

In this class you will get practical tools that will help you grow in your faith.

Class 2: Belong - Growing in Community

In this class you will learn about the importance of the local church and how you can better connect in community.

Class 3: Become - Growing in your Gifts

In this class you will discover your wiring and gifting in order to serve in the church and in your community.

Class 4: Build - Growing in your Purpose

In this class you will build upon everything that's been taught and discover the qualities of living like Jesus in the world.


We will be offering this series of four classes again at the beginning of 2023 -- Keep an eye out for details in the new year!

If you have questions or are interested in signing up for the next series, contact Brian Eldridge for more information.