Our building campaign is off to a great start! So far we have received nearly $150,000 in cash and pledges and more is coming in every day! If you have not had the opportunity to give or pledge yet, please do so using the secure link below. We are excited to begin this journey together to “Build The Mission!”

Building Phase Update

Our goal is to have the permit process done by the end of the year.  We have hired a planning consultant to help us with this process.  We also plan to complete a walking path by this week!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that the permit process goes smoothly with the county.
  • Pray the finances come through so we can start to build.
  • Pray for favor in the neighborhoods  around our property and for wisdom on how we can reach out to them.

virtual walkthrough

Click the picture to experience a virtual tour of our new building. We desire to reach kids, youth, and adults in our community and across the world for Jesus Christ. This new facility will be dedicated to that purpose.

building updates