community Groups

We are not meant to do life alone.

Community groups come in many different styles like the people that are a part of them.  All of them, however, challenge us to discover fresh ways to apply God's principles in our lives.  Whichever group you choose, they will all involve reading and studying the Bible, prayer, friendship and connection, growth, and food!

Community groups are a great way to get to know people in the church on a deeper level where trust can develop.  We are all dealing with similar trials and there is power when we can support and pray for one another as we go through them.

Community groups are typically 12 people who gather weekly in homes for Bible study, prayer, and connection.  These groups usually last about 1.5 hours and childcare, if needed, is worked out differently in each group.

2019 Fall community groups

The fall of 2019 is the kickoff to new and refreshed Community Groups.  Find a group and sign up today.